An opportunity to give in Isaiah’s honor

Each year at Christmastime, Dan and I enjoy sitting down with the girls and looking through the gift catalog for one of our favorite ministries, Samaritan’s Purse. They have so many outreaches around the world – from providing needy families in the developing world with livestock and poultry, to feeding hungry moms and babies in desperate places – it’s always hard to pick what we want to support each year. We always think, “We wish we could support them all!” Our hope is that our girls will grasp the truth that it makes us happier to give than to receive, especially during Christmas (Acts 20:35).

czg6vfwuaaebwegWhen I was flipping through this year’s catalog, the option to help provide surgery for a child with a cleft lip jumped out at me, since one of the first things I was told was wrong with Isaiah was his cleft lip and palate. Evelynn also questioned me closely about Isaiah’s lip after she saw him in the hospital, so I knew this stood out in her mind. I thought this would be an  opportunity to give in Isaiah’s memory to help a precious child, perhaps living halfway around the world from us, experience this healing surgery!

We would be honored if you’d like to join us in giving to this project in Isaiah’s memory. The full cost to cover a surgery is $250 but there is an option to help share the cost for $25. You can do so here.

What a beautiful thing to think that because of our efforts, perhaps a child and his or her family will receive an incredible, life-changing gift in the coming year!


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