When life takes yet another new direction…

Earlier this year, we got a big surprise: ready or not, baby #3 was on the way! This brought a lot of new things to think through: how were going to fit 3 car seats, let alone the gear necessary for 3 kids, in our car? Where was baby going to sleep? How would Sienna adjust to being a big sister? What would life be like with two kids under the age of 2?

One thing we never thought about was, “What if our baby has something wrong?”

Last Friday, Stephanie was anticipating our routine anatomy ultrasound, looking forward to finding out whether we’re expecting a girl or a boy. She had been feeling a little anxiety about the scan, so a few close friends were praying, but after having our two beautiful, healthy girls, we anticipated only good news. Dan had to work, so his mom was able to go and help keep Sienna entertained and get first dibs on knowing the gender.

Things started out normal enough. But after a few minutes, the ultrasound tech grew silent and serious. “I’m going to be quiet now, and just make some measurements. It’s the way I do things,” she said. But after seemingly going over the same measurements again and again, she abruptly announced that she would be back in a bit. Several minutes passed, with Stephanie feeling more and more anxious and certain something wasn’t right.

Eventually, she returned with the radiologist, who took a few more measurements and calmly told us that they were seeing some very concerning things, including a club foot, abdominal abnormalities, and the baby was measuring small. Stephanie’s OBGYN didn’t add any details on the phone, but let us know we would need to see a high-risk OBGYN and would receive a more in-depth ultrasound. “I’m just as shocked as you are,” she said.

Based on the limited information we had, we decided to start doing some research to prepare ourselves for the worst, or at least for the range of possibilities. One real possibility seemed to be Trisomy 18 or Trisomy 13, very serious conditions where the baby’s body contains an extra copy of a chromosome. (Trisomy 21, or Down’s Syndrome, is the most common trisomy.) Stephanie read a lot of blogs and articles and wrote down some questions.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get in to Legal Maternal and Fetal Medicine until today. It has been such a long, long week. We grieved, we worried, we spent sleepless nights, we wondered what in the world to pray for.

Our appointment today started out with our ultrasound. We were really grateful for the tech, who was kind and kept us updated with her progress: “I’m measuring the arm, I’m looking at the brain…” Her calm manner helped Stephanie to relax. But as we watched, we could tell that things just weren’t right. This little one didn’t move like our previous babies did, and the head shape didn’t look like Evelynn’s or Sienna’s did during their ultrasounds. We also thought we saw some weird things.

After half an hour, she consulted with the perinatologist, who then came to talk with us. The doctor began walking us through what she was seeing. There was so much to say…. from the bottom of this little one’s feet to the top of their head, so, so much was wrong.

Baby does indeed have restricted growth and club feet, as well as an omphalocele (some of the baby’s bowels are outside the body), an abnormal head shape, heart defects, brain defects, scoliosis of the spine, facial abnormalities, and a cleft palate. She also didn’t detect that the baby is moving its legs and feet normally. There is more that was mentioned, but we will have to wait for the final ultrasound report to remember it all. It was a lot to take in. What we do know is that these combined things give baby an extremely poor prognosis.

We had so hoped that we could at least tell the gender and give this baby a name, but they couldn’t determine that. We will have to wait for the results of our amniocentesis to get a final verdict of the gender.

Her feeling was that yes, this was either most likely Trisomy 18 or Trisomy 13, though she admitted there can be other conditions that would cause defects like this so we couldn’t be sure 100% without the amnio results.

We were able to share with her right away that abortion is not an option for us. Our desire is to honor the gift of this baby’s life, and allow God to take him or her home when He deems right. After that, we met with a genetic counselor, and it was really encouraging to find out that Legacy has a wonderful perinatal hospice program. They work often enough with families facing terminal diagnoses like ours, and have an experienced coordinator who can help us with everything from forming a birth plan to planning for special memory keepsakes.

The counselor told us that for babies with these kind of dire issues, they plan on the 90-90-90 guideline: generally, 90% of babies die in utero; of those born alive, 90% die in the first few days; and of those that survive, 90% die by their first birthday.

No one expects to be planning their child’s birth and death at the same time, but that is where we find ourselves.

Our final meeting today was with the doctor who will be overseeing the rest of Stephanie’s care during the pregnancy. She was kind and supportive and kept using the phrase “your baby” which really helped us feel that she will respect and honor our wishes. Some of the first words out of her mouth were, “I’m so sorry you have to go through this.”

There will be some special things to watch out for, since Stephanie has some extra amniotic fluid due to the baby not being able to swallow and process the fluid normally. This happens often in cases like this. They will be watching that to make sure the fluid doesn’t become too built up or interfere with her lung function.

Next week we will go in for the amniocentesis, and to meet with the palliative care coordinator. We should have some preliminary results from the test after a couple of days.

There is so much unknown ahead. To be honest, right now our hearts are feeling pretty numb. Today’s news wasn’t truly a shock after what we’ve read… but it was a sad reality that some of our worst fears have some true. It seems this baby will be going on to eternity very soon. It is hard to know how to let ourselves get attached, how to parent a child who has such a short time to live, how to think and feel and pray.

We know grief and loss is a process…. and so much of this journey will be unpredictable. Stephanie read this quote from C. S. Lewis’s A Grief Observed:

I thought I could describe a state; make a map of sorrow. Sorrow, however, turns out to be not a state but a process. It needs not a map but a history, and if I don’t stop writing that history at some quite arbitrary point, there’s no reason why I should ever stop. There is something new to be chronicled every day. Grief is like a long valley, a winding valley where any bend may reveal a totally new landscape. As I’ve already noted, not every bend does. Sometimes the surprise is the opposite one; you are presented with exactly the same sort of country you thought you had left behind miles ago. That is when you wonder whether the valley isn’t a circular trench. But it isn’t. There are partial recurrences, but the sequence doesn’t repeat.

We can’t thank everyone enough for their support, prayers, kind words, and gifts. They are our lifeline right now.

Some things we would love prayer for:

  • Sleep. It has been difficult for both of us to rest lately.
  • Wisdom for helping Evelynn process. She was so, so looking forward to meeting this baby and while we have kept things very general, she knows the gravity of the situation.
  • Peace for our hearts for whatever is ahead. We are at peace with God taking this child before birth, but we know that this labor and delivery will have its own challenges and griefs. We are scared.

This feels like uncharted territory. But we trust that God will “make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” (Isaiah 43:19). He has proved faithful in every challenge we’ve met over the years and we know this won’t be an exception.

With love,

Dan and Stephanie


25 thoughts on “When life takes yet another new direction…

  1. We love you all and will be diligent praying for you. Just sharing this shows an amazing strength of faith. Thank you for sharing your journey and allowing us to come with you and along side of you. All of our love and prayers… The Walcott Family.


  2. Oh dear friends…we’re so sorry. Our hearts are grieving with yours, praying for the road ahead and your hearts as you walk it. Love you all.


  3. There are no words. I hurt for you so much. Each baby is a miracle to be treasured and loved forever, even after they have left us for Heaven. Thanks for being loving parents to all three of your kiddos and for acknowledging the life inside you. Many prayers for the rough road ahead.


  4. Dear Dan and Stephanie, Jeff and I have you in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for being brace and sharing your family’s journey with others. May your baby be blessed from all the love pouring your way. May the Lord bless you, the parents, and your daughters.


  5. Sending love and prayers to you as you go through this difficult time. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.
    Dan & Marsha Elam


  6. My eyes are wet and my heart grieves for our family and this precious baby. I don’t understand why this is happening but I kmow that God cares and we will be united forever some day with this beautiful child. My love and prayers are with you in this difficult timr.


  7. When we do not know what to pray for, we can ask the Holy Spirit to talk to God for us and He will give you much comfort and joy. We are so very grateful that the Lord chose you and Dan to parent this little one who will need much love and care and He will give you the strength, knowledge, wisdom to tend to this little treasure’s needs. God bless each of you through the uncertainties that will surely arise but we KNOW you are strong and your FAITH is amazing. God will take care of you. G’ma and G’pa Y.


  8. Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong, we are weak but He is strong. Praying that thru your weakness, you will be made strong thru Jesus as you face the days ahead. Praying for a blanket of peace, comfort and rest for you all.


  9. You have written so well the difficulties you are going through–and those that will be coming your way in the near future. Thanks for the detailed information that helps us understand what is happening. Thanks, too, for making it clear that this little one, as abnormal as he or she is, is still a life that is in God’s hands and that you will be treating this life accordingly. May God give you strength in the days ahead. Carmen


  10. I read and re-read your report of the past day’s events with your precious baby. To say waves of saddness flooded over me is an understatement. No one can answer why the Lord is allowing this but we can be confident that even in the midst of the most severe of trials, He is here to hold each of you tight. We are all in prayer for you, confident His Grace and comfort are enveloping your precious family. Jeanne Lampi, Portland Christian Schools


  11. So sorry your joy has turned to grief. I am praying for your family. I’m not sure if it is Dan or Stefanie who wrote the post…but, thank you for sharing during this very difficult experience. The author is a very good writer! Your faith in God and reverence for the sanctity of life does shine through. You are not alone. ❤️


  12. Tears flowing after rereading this again today. Your precious baby is so fortunate to have such wonderful caring parents who are honoring her or him, and honoring their Creator. We love all five of you so much.


  13. Please take to heart how many of us are praying for each one of you. God doesn’t make any mistakes that He cannot subsequently use to His Glory…trust His wisdom in even this situation. I love you all so dearly.


  14. Our Dearest Brother & Sister In Our Blessed LORD and Saviour,…The God of All Comfort & Peace keep your hearts steadfast In Himself as you contemplate all that is involved. We are reminded by The Holy Spirit of the passage in Hebrews 5:8, “Though He were a Son, yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered.”
    We do not know why things happen as they do but we do know emphatically that “All Things work together for good to them who love God,…….” We bless The LORD for your expression of Love to Him and for your patient waiting upon Him. Our Love & Understanding to You and Your Dear Family


  15. May the prayers of your brothers and sisters in Christ hold you up and help you realize God’s perfect peace while you live through this time of shock and grief. Praying especially that you will be able to sleep and find rest and strength. Grieving with you……..
    Deb Rudd


  16. I pray God gives you needed rest, peace beyond understanding and wisdom to make His plan for you a glorification of Him.
    You are faithful servants and are doing a great job. Love to you all! I will pray continuing forward that you will not be afraid. He is with you always….


  17. Prayers for peace, strength and comfort. Thank God this precious child is loved and honored by parents
    who respect the sanctity of life. We lost our beloved son four years ago today. I take comfort in knowing
    he is in heaven. God bless you.


  18. I pray for you as parents of this beautiful baby…Lord, give these parents peace that you are in control, strength beyond measure that only you can provide, and unfailing love for one another and for this baby. I personally know this kind of news and the grief that goes with it. May you feel our heavenly father’s arms around you and the love he has for you. Blessings on you and your family.


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